Kosher Catering South Florida

Kosher Foods- Catering at its Finest

Kosher foods include dishes and beverages that are prepared according to the Jewish dietary laws; rules make up the foundation of Kosher foods. At Klein’s catering, we have mastered these principles to bring you the best experience when it comes to kosher catering, Miami FL.


If you are hosting a Jewish wedding, a family celebration, or just want to experience Kosher food- you can’t go wrong with Klein’s kosher catering in Miami.

Kleins Catering is one of the leading kosher catering in Miami FL. We offer a myriad of kosher food options for lunch, dinner, small functions, corporate settings, and weddings. And you don’t necessarily have to host a kosher event to experience the kosher food; we offer our catering services to functions of all ethnicities. Besides Kosher catering, we also dabble in Shabbos Kiddush Catering, Bar-Bat Mitzvah Catering, and Yacht Food services among other things. If you’re looking for a fine catering option in Miami, Florida, especially the one that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket, choose Klien’s Catering.

Make your own Kosher Meal

We offer all-inclusive Kosher food, for everyone has their own choices! Check out our menu to make your own, exclusive kosher meal.

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